Using the drag-&-drop call-to-action builder

Once you've clicked to create your call-to-action, you'll be taken to this call-to-action's builder. In the CTA builder, you can create call-to-action steps, build the content of each call-to-action step, and control the settings of your call-to-action.

Call-to-action profiles
On the left side slide out panel, you'll find a dropdown called "CTA settings". Here you can manage theme options (changes overlay background between light and dark), as well as manage your CTA's user profile.
By turning on the user profile, ConvertFlow will automatically show your user profile at the top of your CTA.
You can select between users from your account, and you can change the design options of the user profile displayed in your CTA.
Call-to-action steps
For my blog's subscribe overlay example, the first step collects the visitors email, and the second step displays a "thank you" message.
Step 1
Step 2
Adding steps
You can add more steps to a call-to-action by clicking "New Step +".
Step sections
Each call-to-action step has sections, which are vertical boxes that contain columns. You can add as many sections as you would like, which means your call-to-action can be as tall as you create it to be.
Section columns
Each section has the option for having just one column or multiple columns. By hovering your mouse over the section, you'll see a popover with column options. Select these options to control the number and size of your section's columns.
Column options
Each column has options, including padding options and background design options.
Adding elements
You can add elements to each column of sections by clicking the green "+" button.
Once you've clicked the element creation button, you'll be presented with multiple element type options.
Element types include:
Headline elements 
A headline element is a text line pre-formatted with a headline (h1) class.
Text elements
A text element is a text line pre-formatted with the paragraph (p) class.
Form elements
Form elements have a ConvertFlow form added, that you can click on to configure.
Button elements
Button elements have a ConvertFlow button added, that you can click on to configure.
Image elements
Adding an image element will open up a modal to upload a file to include an image in your CTA content.
Custom HTML elements
By adding a custom HTML element, you can add your own HTML content however you would like. This is very useful for embedding videos or adding your own custom elements.
Element positioning
You can add and remove vertical spacing, set the alignment, drag-&-drop and delete each element, giving you the control over the content of your call-to-action that you need.