Creating lead generation forms

How to build lead generation forms and email opt-ins with ConvertFlow

Once you've added a form element to your call-to-action, you can click to trigger the form settings sidebar to slide into the builder from the right.
Form fields
By toggling the fields dropdown in the form settings sidebar, you'll be able to toggle preset fields for your form such as "First name", "Last name", etc.
You can drag-&-drop your fields to position them in whatever order you would like.
By scrolling down to the end of the preset field options, you'll be able to find the custom field creation option. You can add as many custom fields as you would like. Custom fields include text fields, dropdown fields, multiple choice, paragraph fields and hidden fields.
Custom fields have a field slug, which is the data name of the custom field. You can set other options such as the field's label, as well as options depending on the type of the custom field, such as dropdown options.
Form settings
By toggling the settings dropdown in the form settings sidebar, you'll be able to control various settings and options ConvertFlow provides for marketing forms. You can control the colors, sizing and alignment of your form's elements.
You can also determine whether to activate SMTP validation, which is ConvertFlow's built-in technology to validate that a visitor's email is real when the form is submitted.
Confirmation settings
By toggling the confirmation dropdown in the form settings sidebar, you can determine what happens in the browser after a visitor submits your form. You can direct them to another call-to-action step, redirect them to another page, or close out the call-to-action.
By toggling your form's automations dropdown, you can trigger automations in your marketing tools, that happen a person submits your form.
When creating an automation, you can choose which connected app you would like trigger the automation in. The default is ConvertFlow, however, by adding integrations from the Integrations area, you'll enable more apps to trigger automations in.
In this case, we've got automations added to track a "completion" event on the person, to add a tag in ConvertFlow indicating they submit the "Blog subscribe" CTA, to send their lead's profile to "", to add the subscriber tag in Infusionsoft, etc.
You can add as many automations as you would like, to trigger automations in any tool you can connect to ConvertFlow.

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