Configuring your call-to-action settings

Configuring your CTA settings, adding user profiles, and trigger settings

So let's say we've finished adding content elements to my blog subscribe overlay. We can configure a few more options to control the overlay my blog visitors will see.
In the case of overlay call-to-action type, we can control the theme of the overlay background to either be light or dark. And because this is a boxed overlay, we can control how wide the overlay is.
You'll also find that you can manage your CTA's user profile.
By turning on the user profile, ConvertFlow will automatically show your user profile at the top of your CTA.
You can select between users from your account, and you can change the design options of the user profile displayed in your CTA.
Trigger options
For pop up calls-to-action like hooks and overlays, we can control how the CTA is triggered with the trigger settings.
There are multiple trigger types, which include triggering the CTA on visitor exit-intent, on scrolling to a certain point of a page, after a time delay and a prehook message.
Profile popup trigger
Profile popups are a trigger type for pop up calls-to-action, that allows you to show a small message that the visitor has to engage with, to see your full call-to-action.
By selecting it as a trigger type, you'll get the option to edit this message.
Trigger aggressiveness
By setting the trigger aggressiveness, you can determine whether the triggering call-to-action will always trigger, or if it should hide for X number of days before triggering again.

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