Launching your calls-to-action

How to quickly launch your CTA with a standalone CTA campaign

Once you're done building and previewing your call-to-action, you can quickly launch a standalone CTA campaign from the "Launch" page.
Standalone CTA campaigns
The easiest way to quickly launch a call-to-action on your website is to use the "Standalone CTA" campaign type, which allows you to quickly set your targeting conditions, and turn your standalone CTA campaign on and off.
Displaying embedded CTAs
If you're launching an embedded CTA, you'll find multiple "areas" you can select from. If you select an "area", you'll be given the "areas" HTML snippet, which you can place on your website, and inject embedded CTAs into with our targeting system.
Want to learn more about areas? Read – Areas – How to dynamically display embedded CTAs within your website content
You can then turn on the standalone CTA campaign, and your embedded CTA will show in the area you selected, if you added the "areas" HTML snippet.
Adding your CTA to other campaigns
By clicking the other campaign options, you can quickly add your new call-to-action to one of your existing broadcasts, or one of your flows' CTA goals.

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