Split-testing CTA variations

How to split test multiple variants and configuring split-testing settings

From the "Overview" page of your call-to-action, you can see your stats and manage split-testing.
Scrolling down below the stats, you'll find your CTA's variants. You can add multiple variants, and set the traffic split percentage and see each variants' conversion analytics.
Click the "New variant +" link and you'll be able to quickly add new variants to give a traffic percentage too.
If you click the "Edit" button, you'll be given the option to edit the variant, duplicate the variant and delete the variant.
What are split-testing types?
You'll notice an option for "Split testing type". With these options, you can choose between "cookied" split-testing, which means ConvertFlow will display the first variant the visitor had seen, or "round robin" split-testing, which displays each CTA variant randomly based on the traffic percentages, regardless of which variant the visitor had originally seen.
"Cookied" split-testing example:
This is most useful in cases like an ecommerce discount offer. You may be split-testing 15% off versus 20% off. If your visitor sees the 15% discount offer, purchases with the 15% discount code, comes back to your site and sees a 20% discount offer, they're not going to be happy. By having split-testing set to "cookied", this is ensures they'd always see the original variant they had saw.
"Round robin" split-testing example:
You can use round robin split-testing to attempt different offers on your visitors, until one converts. This might be having 2 different lead magnet offers, that each display 50% of the time randomly. Your visitor may not engage with one offer, but engage with the other.

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