Managing website dashboards for brands and clients

In your ConvertFlow account, you can manage multiple website dashboards. These could be for different brands, companies or clients you're using ConvertFlow for.

Each website has it's own ConvertFlow script, CTAs, campaigns, contacts, etc.

ConvertFlow uses "first party" tracking cookies, meaning visitor tracking only works for 1 root domain name. We recommend adding new websites for each root domain, unless a website's staging/testing environment exists on a separate root domain.

With ConvertFlow's agency tools, you can manage other users access to websites by inviting them as "Client" users. 

Adding websites

From your account's websites page, click "Add Website +" and you'll be able to define the root domain of your new website. 

Once you've submitted the form to create the form, you'll be taken to the CTAs page to add it's first CTAs.