Managing website dashboards for brands and clients

Managing websites

In your ConvertFlow account, you can manage multiple website dashboards. These could be for different brands, companies or clients you're using ConvertFlow for.

Each website has its own ConvertFlow script, CTAs, campaigns, contacts, etc.

ConvertFlow uses "first party" tracking cookies, meaning visitor tracking only works for 1 root domain name. We recommend adding new websites for each root domain, unless a website's staging/testing environment exists on a separate root domain.

With ConvertFlow's agency tools, you can manage other users access to websites by inviting them as "Client" users. 

Adding websites

From your account's websites page, click "Add Website +" and you'll be able to define the root domain of your new website, as well as what type of products/services are provided.

When on a paid plan, you'll also be able to choose whether you want your website to be on the free tier, or to be a premium website. Premium websites count towards your plan's website usage, have access to advanced features and can have more than the free plan's lifetime total of 250 unique conversions.

Once you've submitted the form to create the form, you'll be taken to the CTAs page to add its first CTAs.

Downgrading a premium website to free

There may be websites you're using ConvertFlow on that don't need the premium level and could fit the limits of the free tier (basic features, less than 250 unique conversions, 5,000 monthly visitors). 

You can downgrade premium websites to the free tier by heading to Settings > Website and clicking the button to downgrade to free.

Archiving websites

Want to remove a website from your dashboard entirely? To do so, you can “archive” websites to save the implementation and optionally reactivate the website later. Just head to Settings > Website, scroll to the bottom, click the “Archive” button and confirm.
Archiving a website removes it from your account’s website usage, but also deactivates the website’s ConvertFlow script / live CTAs, and it deletes the current tracking audience.
From your account’s websites page, you'll then be able to switch between seeing active and archived websites with the filter interface.

Transferring websites

You can transfer websites to other ConvertFlow accounts by entering the new owner's ConvertFlow user email. 

If the email is not already a ConvertFlow user, a new account will be created and they'll be invited to that account.

Once the other ConvertFlow user clicks to confirm the transfer of the website to their account, via the confirmation email, the website will be transferred from your account and no longer count towards usage.