How to create calls-to-action in Convertflow

In ConvertFlow, you can create all sorts of content to place on your website, such as popups, forms, surveys, buttons, quizzes, sticky bars, landing pages and more.

To simplify this, we refer to these as "calls-to-action" or CTAs.

"Call to action (CTA) is a marketing term used extensively in advertising and selling. It refers to any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale." –  Wikipedia

Creating a CTA in ConvertFlow is fast and easy. From your website's dashboard, head to the Calls-to-action page and click "New CTA +".

You'll now be able to see ConvertFlow's top CTA template categories, in case you want some inspiration for your next campaign. 

You can click through to a popular template category to see templates. Or, click "Template Gallery" and you'll be able to see all of ConvertFlow's featured official templates in one view.

Below, you can also click through to find templates by CTA type, or create that CTA type from scratch.

There are 5 CTA types in ConvertFlow:

  • Embedded CTAs – Inline content such as forms, buttons, page sections, content boxes, sidebar, etc. Examples include your home page form, blog subscribe CTA, navigation CTA or a full width footer section.
  • Hook Popups – Polite popups that appear in the corner of the screen when you set them to trigger. These are perfect for surveys, on-site messages, newsletter opt-ins and more.
  • Overlay Popups – Overlays are more visually commanding popups that take over the screen, only when you set them to trigger. Use these carefully to make offers to the right visitors on your website who will be accepting to a more interruptive CTA.
  • Sticky Bars – Polite like hook CTAs, sticky bars can appear from the top or the bottom of the browser window to make an offer, prompt an action or simply deliver a message
  • Landing Pages  The most content rich type of CTAs you'll be making are landing pages. These are entire pages built in ConvertFlow with dedicated URLs. Generate leads, make offers, guide visitors down multi-step sales funnels and more with beautifully designed pages, fully crafted in ConvertFlow without coding.

Once you've clicked through to see templates either by popular categories or by CTA type, you'll be taken the template gallery, where you can apply more filters on the left to find the perfect template.

See a template that you like? You can preview it by hovering your mouse over the template, clicking "Preview" and trying out a real version of that CTA in the preview window.

Some CTA templates will be multi-step, especially landing page templates, so you may want to mimic being a real visitor engaging with the CTA to see how the CTA progresses.

Once you find a template you like, click "Use Template", name your CTA for future reference and you'll be taken to the CTA builder.

Here you can quickly click to edit the content of your CTA, as well as control the order of the steps in the CTA, as well as settings like it's size and when it will be triggered, if it's a popup.

To learn how to use the CTA builder to craft the perfect call-to-action, click through to the next tutorial →