Reporting on how your CTA is converting

Click to the "Overview" page of your CTA, and you'll be able to get in-depth reports on how your CTA is converting.

Viewers – This is the total count of people who saw your CTA. If your CTA is a popup or sticky bar, a visitor is tracked as viewer of that CTA only when the popup is triggered.

Conversions – This is the total count of people who engaged with the first step of your CTA, by clicking a button, submitting a form or selecting a survey option.

Completions – This is the total count of people who completed your CTA, which becomes insightful when your CTA has multiple steps.

Conversion Rate – This is the percentage of viewers who converted on the first step of the CTA.

Completion Rate – This is the percentage of viewers who completed the CTA, based on where you've set completions to be tracked (See below).

Reporting on each step of a CTA variant

To get more in-depth reports, click on the "Reports" icon of a CTA variant to dive into it's stats.

Once you've opened up the variant's reports, you'll be able to see how many people are progressing through steps of the CTA, what element is driving the most conversions, as well as get insights into what dropdown fields and survey options your visitors are selected.

Controlling where completions are tracked

When a visitor engages with a form, button or survey in the first step of your CTA, they'll be tracked as a "conversion".

However, what if your CTA has 3 steps, and the last step is the most important conversion? 

Using completion tracking, you can have the form, element or survey of your choice contribute to the "completions" and "completion rate" metric of your CTA.

Select the form, button or survey you want to track completions, click on "Confirmation Actions" in the builder panel, click to add an automation and choose the "Track completion of CTA" automation type. 

Then click to create the automation and your CTA will start tracking completions.

Pro tip: If you're using advanced campaigns (flows or broadcasts), completion tracking also helps you determine on what step of a CTA you want the automations added to the campaign to be ran.