Filtering & organizing your CTA campaigns

From the calls-to-action page, you can quickly filter your CTAs by name, type, campaign status, stats and conversion score.

Organizing with CTA groups

As your team uses ConvertFlow over time, the number of CTAs will continue to grow, often into the hundreds.

Categorizing your CTAs into named groups is key, if you want to keep your ConvertFlow setup organized and help your team stay productive.

By creating “Groups”, you can categorize CTAs by any label you choose.
To create a Group, just click the “Filters” dropdown in your CTA dashboard, then click the “Manage” link next to the "Groups" dropdown. 
Enter your group name into the form, click the create button, and you have a new group that keeps your CTAs organized.
To add a CTA to a group, hover over its preview and click the options menu. Select groups, and you can add the CTA to groups using the form.
Once you've added CTAs to a group, you can filter the calls-to-action page to only show CTAs in that group by clicking "Filter", selecting groups in the dropdown and then clicking "Apply Filters".
To go back to seeing all CTAs without any filters, click the "Clear" button.

Creating groups for broadcast campaigns

Creating groups for broadcast campaigns functions the same way as CTA groups. 

First, head to the broadcasts campaigns page. Then, click on the "Filter" button, then click "Manage" next to the groups filter.

Use the broadcast groups manager to add a broadcast group.

Once you have a group added, you can add broadcasts to groups by clicking Options > Groups and then selecting the group from the form to add it.

Then, click the "Filters" button, select the group from the dropdown and then click the "Apply Filters" button.