CTA campaigns – Each campaign tool, their priority levels and best practices

On all ConvertFlow plans, you can launch CTAs as "standalone CTAs" from each CTA's launch page.

However, while on ConvertFlow's Team plan or higher, you'll have access to the advanced campaign manager called broadcasts.

This means you'll have 2 campaign types, each with a different use case and priority level. Standalone CTA campaigns and broadcast campaigns.

CTA Campaign Types

These are ordered by campaign priority level:

1) Broadcasts

Broadcasts are high-priority campaigns. Any CTAs launched through a broadcast campaign will override standalone CTAs.

This means, if you had an overlay targeting your home page, and were to launch an overlay through a broadcast that targets the home page, the overlay in the broadcast will get priority and display.

High-priority broadcasts are useful for one-off promotions, and also have the ability to be scheduled to run during a timeframe.

To learn how to use Broadcast campaigns, here's the guide →

2) Standalone CTAs

Whenever you create a CTA, you can launch it from it's launch page, it's a "Standalone CTA" campaign. These campaigns have the lowest priority, and are available on every ConvertFlow plan.

Standalone CTAs are separate of your other campaigns. They have their own campaign status and targeting, and are managed only from the CTA's launch page. 

To learn how to launch standalone CTA campaigns, here are guides:

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If you're having trouble getting the right CTA campaign to show, here's how to use ConvertFlow's admin widget to troubleshoot live campaigns.