🎥 How to create landing pages & funnels

One of the campaign types you can create in ConvertFlow is landing pages.

Creating a landing page

When creating a new campaign, scroll past the suggested template categories, then click to move your mouse over landing page campaigns to click through to see templates.

You'll be taken to the template gallery, filtered to only see landing page campaigns.

Browse and preview the templates to find the one you like, or use the filter tools on the left to refine your search.

Once you've found that looks like a good starting point for your landing page, click the "Use Template" button on the template and name your new landing page campaign.

Customizing your landing page

Once you've created your landing page campaign, you'll be taken to the drag-and-drop builder

Here you can quickly customize the campaign template. Edit the headlines, paragraph text, button text, form settings, and more.

Previewing your changes

Once you're done customizing the template, click to preview the landing page campaign. 

Then, you'll be able to preview and test out your landing page in a safe test environment. Testing your landing page campaign doesn't count towards campaign stats, and it doesn't trigger automations.

Next, click "Launch" to control which domain name and URL path your landing page will show.

Here you can control what domain and what URL you want your landing page to display on.

Choosing a page URL

You can either have your landing page displayed on your website's reserved subdomain on convertflowpages.com, or you can choose from any custom domain you've added to the website. 

Pro tip: If you have Shopify connected, you can also choose to have your landing page show as a page on Shopify.

To see how to manage your website's custom domains, head here →

To use a custom URL for your landing page, choose a domain from the dropdown, and then type a URL path for the page to be accessible on that domain.

NOTE: Using a custom subdomain to host a landing page is a feature that's only available on our paid plans.

Click save and your page will be accessible on the link given below.

Adjusting page metadata

If you want to control the page's meta title, description, and more, scroll below and you'll be able to manage your landing page's metadata.

By default, your ConvertFlow landing pages won't be indexable by search engines. You can optionally enable indexing if you want your landing page to be found on search engines.

Meta titles aren't just used by search engines, they're used in link previews on social media, in messengers, and more.

If you need to differentiate the page title and description for search engines and for social media, you can control the "open graph" meta titles, descriptions, and preview images, which will be used for social feeds and messengers, but not search engines.