How can I stop ConvertFlow data overriding my ESP data?

Our direct integrations with several ESPs and CRMs come with preset mapped fields like name, last name, and Geolocation data (country, city, zip, etc.). Since we pull geolocation data from visitor’s IP addresses, this might not come through as the most accurate information due to VPN use, so if you have more accurate data on your contact profile you might need to map the ConvertFlow geolocation data to separate custom fields. 

Follow these steps to separate ConvertFlow preset mapped field into custom fields in your ESP/CRM:

1. Once you’ve connected the integration to your preferred ESP/CRM, click the blue “Manage” button on the integration.

2. You will see the preset mapped custom fields available on your service provider:

3. Head to your service provider and create new custom fields to map these fields to, we recommend using a ConvertFlow identifier like CF_CITY, CF_STATE, etc. for easier referencing. 

4. Come back to the ConvertFlow fields and update the names to match your newly created custom fields. 

5. You’re all set!

Once your contacts start coming in, the ConvertFlow profiles will show our geo-data and your service provider profiles will show two sets of data. 

If you want to use a ConvertFlow form to have your visitors manually input this information, we suggest creating custom fields that you will map to your service provider’s default fields.