Using conditional actions to display scored results (Advanced)

We also use conditional actions to show different outcomes based on survey responses, this feature can also be used to display a quiz score. In this section you will find out how to show a quiz score using conditional actions, keeping in mind this feature is only available on the ConvertFlow paid plans.

In this example, we’ll be looking at a simple three question and three answer quiz where all "A" answers are worth 5 points, all "B" answers are 10 points, and all "C" answers are 15 points.

You will create the conditional actions on the last step of the quiz on the submit answers button:

You will need to create multiple conditional actions based on the quiz’s possible outcomes. This means you’ll need a conditional action for all answers:

A A A 15 points A B A 20 points A C A 25 points
A A B 20 points A B B 25 points A C B 30 points
A A C 25 points A B C 30 points A C C 35 points
B A A 20 points B B A 25 points B C A 30 points
B A B 25 points B B B 30 points B C B 35 points
B A C 30 points B B C 35 points B C C 40 points
C A A 25 points C B A 30 points C C A 35 points
C A B 30 points C B B 35 points C C B 40 points
C A C 35 points C B C 40 points C C C 45 points

Number of outcomes (steps) Number of conditional actions
1 - 15 points 1
2 - 20 points 3
3 - 25 points 6
4 - 30 points 7
5 - 35 points 6
6 - 40 points 3
7- 45 points 1

Once you’ve determined how many steps and conditional actions you’ll need, you can start creating your conditional actions like this:

Each result step (seven steps in total) will contain the score result for the conditional action:

You’ll notice that you can also use dynamic text replacement to provide a personalized experience, linking their answers to the outcome score. 

For steps that have multiple answers, like those getting 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 points, you’ll just need to create 1 step with the result and then have the conditional action display that one step. So you can have two conditional actions taking you to the same step, like this:

This means both conditions will show a single outcome:

We’re working on creating a designated scoring feature, but in the meantime, for advanced ConvertFlow users, this is a workaround to display a quiz score.