The admin widget isn’t showing

The admin widget is a very helpful tool that is indispensable when troubleshooting campaigns. There are a few reasons why the admin widget may not be showing up on a website:

  1. The person isn't signed into the ConvertFlow account
  2. The person is not an account owner or admin
  3. The website was accessed before signing into the ConvertFlow account

In order to access the admin widget again, first test by signing into the ConvertFlow account in an incognito/private window, then access the website. The admin widget should show.

If the widget shows in an incognito window, head back to the main browser window, close the website and ConvertFlow tabs. Then clear the browser's cache/cookies, sign into ConvertFlow again, and finally open the website.

With the admin widget, you can troubleshoot why a campaign isn't showing. You can also check the data that a visitor is collecting.