Admin widget isn’t showing anymore.

The admin widget is a very helpful tool that is indispensable when troubleshooting CTAs. If you can’t see it on your website it could be because:

  1. You’re not signed into your ConvertFlow account.
  2. You opened your website before signing into ConvertFlow.
  3. You have third party cookies disabled in your browser.

To regain access to the admin widget you can:

  1. Close your website and ConvertFlow account.
  2. Clear your browsing data (cache and cookies).
  3. Sign into ConvertFlow again.
  4. Open your website. 

If you still can’t see the admin widget, then:

  1. Close any existing private/incognito windows and open a brand new one.
  2. Sign into ConvertFlow.
  3. Open your website. 

If you see the admin widget in this incognito, you’ll know the issue is either with your cache or your browser’s third party cookie settings. Make sure third party cookies are enabled on your browser (these are enabled by default, but you never know).