Segment integration FAQ

How can we send all ConvertFlow conversion/submission data to Segment?

ConvertFlow emits conversion and form submission events, where the conversion data and field data are easily accessible, that your developer can easily hook into.

You'll want to send them  ConvertFlow's javascript API docs.
Your developer could track all form submissions in Segment with a site-wide CF javascript API integration like so:
jQuery(document).on('cfSubmit', function(event, data) {
  if ( {
    analytics.track('ConvertFlow CTA Submitted', {
      variant: data.variant,
      step: data.step

This can also be configured for all conversion events too, by hooking into the “cfConversion” event.

Note: We’re considering enabling an option for the Segment integration that would automatically track ConvertFlow events in Segment using our recommended naming conventions and data structure. If you had that option, would you enable it? Or would you prefer to have your developer structure the Segment event tracking according to your Segment tracking plan? Drop a line to our support to let us know!

Without Segment Personas, can ConvertFlow still target by identified traits?

Without Segment Persona’s connected, ConvertFlow can still target by the traits sent through Segment’s identify function, because they’re cookied in the browser.
With Segment Personas connected, ConvertFlow’s targeting still prioritizes client-side trait values sent through the Segment identify function, and falls back on the Personas trait values if it’s available.

How are existing contacts known to Segment created in ConvertFlow? Once we enable the Segment integration will tracked contacts get created?

When Segment’s identify function runs, it will identify the contact in ConvertFlow if the “email” trait is sent to Segment. Identification in the context of ConvertFlow means registering the visitor as a contact.
As of now, if a Segment identified contact visits your website and the identify function is NOT called, ConvertFlow doesn’t “identify” them (create a contact record) until your site calls the Segment identify function again.
Client-side Segment trait targeting data will be available regardless of whether they’re a contact in ConvertFlow or not.
Segment Personas trait targeting data depends on the visitor being identified as a contact in ConvertFlow, because it uses the email address identifier to fetch data from Segment Personas’ server-side API.