How can I jump to another section of my landing page with a click?

There are two options to jump from one part of your landing page to another:

Adding a hyperlink to a text: 

1. Go to the section of the landing page you want to jump to. Click on it and select the “Metadata” option on the menu on the right and copy the HTML/Anchor ID:

2. Highlight the text that will create the jump and select the “Insert Link” option:

3. Add the #sectionID to the URL field:

4. Save changes and you’re done!

Adding a custom code to a button’s “Edit Code” feature:

1. Go into the button’s confirmation actions and click on the blue “Edit Code” button:

2. Add this script into the window and replace the section ID with the HTML/Anchor ID section number:

var anchor = '#sectionID';
$cf("html, body").animate({
  'scrollTop': $cf(anchor).offset().top
}, 500);