How can I add a video to a CTA?

There are two types of video you can add to a CTA. You can either add it to the background of the container or to the foreground as an element. 

Adding a video to the background

Click on the background container of the CTA, then click on “Section Background” in the options on the menu on the right. Below the “Background Image” option you’ll see the “Video Background” field where you’ll need to add the video’s URL. Keep in mind that the field only supports YouTube or Wistia URLs and the video will only work for desktops:

Adding a video to the foreground

Click on the green + button to add an HTML element to the area you want the video added to:

Then double click on the gray HTML container and add the video’s embed code to the script window. You won’t be able to see the video from the builder, but you will be able to see it from the preview window:

Keep in mind that if there are any errors in formatting or the video isn’t displayed correctly, you’ll need to loop in your developer to take a look at the embed code. Since the video is coming from a third-party app, we cannot troubleshoot their code.