How can I open a ConvertFlow pop-up when a button is clicked on my site?

If you’d like a pop-up to display when a button on your site is clicked, you’ll need to select the “Upon Click Only” trigger type:

Then copy the trigger class and add it to the button on your site. Make sure the CTA is active and targeted to the page on your site where it's meant to display in order for the trigger class to work.

We don’t offer instructions on how to add a trigger class to a button on your site because this process varies depending on the website builder you use. Some have the option to add the trigger class directly, some require a custom CSS code, and some require a custom Javascript. You’ll need to get in touch with your website builder to get information on how to add trigger classes to buttons.

Alternatively, you can add an embedded ConvertFlow button to your site and using the "Display a CTA" action is an easy workaround. Feel free to check our this article on How to create and launch embedded CTAs.