How to archive CTAs

Once you've been using ConvertFlow for a while, chances are you'll have lots of CTAs from old campaigns that are inactive, but they have useful stats and you don't want to lose your work.

To keep your ConvertFlow account clean, and to keep your stats, now you can "archive" these CTAs instead of deleting them.

Aside from cleaning up your ConvertFlow account, there are some additional benefits of CTA archiving:
  • Landing page CTAs don't have a campaign toggle like popup CTAs do, so archiving CTAs is a way to deactivate landing page URLs, as well as directly embedded CTAs, without losing your work.
  • Archiving CTAs reduces the data loaded into your ConvertFlow script, which will help keep the ConvertFlow script small for large implementations with lots of old inactive CTAs.

To archive a CTA, click the options button for a CTA and then select "Archive". You'll be asked to confirm if you want to archive the CTA, because once you do it will be removed from your website and set to inactive.

To find your archived CTAs, adjust the status filter to "Archived" and all your old archived CTAs will be accessible. You'll still be able to see reports on these archived CTAs.

How to unarchive CTAs

You can "unarchive" an archived CTA at any time by visiting the archived CTA, click the "Options" button and then click "Unarchive" and your CTA will be restored.

Please note that you'll need to activate that CTA's campaign status for it to show again, if it's a popup CTA.