🎥 Timer elements - How to build countdown timers

Timer elements let you set an expiration time and display a countdown timer until then, after which you can have a configured action happen.

Setting the timer type

Timer elements can either have an expiration time that is:

  • Static (a chosen date)
  • Daily (everyday until 6 pm)
  • Relative (3 hours from now)

When you set the timer type, you'll be able to adjust the expiration time down to the second.

Pro tip: Static date timers have the option to inherit the end date of the broadcast campaign that the CTA is launched with, allowing you to easily sync the countdown timers across multiple CTAs in a scheduled campaign.

Configuring an end action

The timer end action setting lets you control what happens when the timer expires.

The timer could either:

  • Keep displaying, with 0 seconds left
  • Hide entirely
  • Show an expiration message
  • Jump to another CTA step

When you select the end action, you'll see a setting appear below where you can customize the end action, such as adjusting the expiration message or choosing which CTA step to jump to.

Styling the timer element

Below the timer settings, you'll see timer design options that you can use to style the perfect countdown timer.

The "timer format" design setting changes whether the timer numbers show in their own cards, or in line with the units of time (days, minutes, etc.). You can also choose which units of time can display.

You can also adjust various design options for the timer below, including border-radius, drop shadows, and more. 

In the "Themes" tab, text size, font family, and colors can be edited for all timer elements in the CTA.