Scoring - How to use quiz scoring and contact scoring

Quiz scoring

As you build quizzes, surveys and form custom selection fields, ConvertFlow makes it easy to assign scores to specific selections, by editing the option's "score" value.

For example, you could assign scores to each answer of a quiz and display the person's score using the current score merge tag.

Scores can also power your conditional actions, so you can route people to different outcomes based on score ranges (example: greater than 100, less than 100, etc).

All funnel interactions start with a score of 0 by default. To adjust the starting score, go to the campaign's settings tab in the panel, scroll down to "Additional options" and adjust the starting score.

Saving scores to contacts

Mapping to a custom field

From the campaign settings, you can optionally have the person's score saved to their contact profile by mapping the score to a custom field.

You can either define a new custom field data name like so:

Or, you can map it to an existing custom field in ConvertFlow, or in your integrated ESPs/CRMs custom fields list:

The saved score will then display on the contact record's custom fields list.

Using automations to update saved contact scores

You can also use ConvertFlow's score automations to apply calculations to multiple contact score custom fields, making it possible to calculate multiple lead scores based on interactions across all your campaigns.

The score automations include:

  • Update score
  • Add to score
  • Subtract from score

Pro tip: Using conditional actions, you can conditionally apply calculations to saved contact scores.