🎥 Adding Automations - Video

Automations are the rules that are added to campaigns and will trigger when a button is clicked. 

These can be ConvertFlow automations like:

  • Send lead alert - Sends an email with all the contact profile data to specified emails
  • Add a tag - Adds a ConvertFlow tag that isn't sent to integrations, so it's contained within ConvertFlow. Works for anonymous visitors and contacts
  • Remove a tag - Removes a ConvertFlow tag
  • Update custom field - Updated custom form fields with the given value
  • Update score - Updates the contact's score data
  • Add to score - Formula to add to the contact's score
  • Subtract from score - Formula to distract from the contact's score
  • Track completion of CTA - Tracks the completion of the CTA on any CTA step. This is useful for tracking the completion goal of multi-step CTAs.

They can also be integration-related rules used to segment contacts within platforms we integrate with.

This super quick video will explain how to add and save an automation, which can be used for any type of button (standalone, form, survey) and conditional actions: