Builder templates - Save and re-use elements, sections and funnel steps

Need to re-use the same element in a different campaign?

By saving builder templates, you can create your own library of elements, sections and funnel step templates, that you can re-use as starting points for your next campaign.

How to save builder templates

In the funnel builder, select an element, a section or a funnel step.

Then, scroll all the way down in the builder panel until you see the "Save as a template" button.

Click that, name your template something useful. 

Let's use saving a survey element template as an example. We'll name it something like "Survey Question - Pet Type", which we can easily search up later, and then submit to continue.

Now that we've saved an element template, next time we go to create a survey element, instead of dragging in the survey icon to create one from scratch, click the survey element icon and then we can quickly search the survey element template library for our own template.

Drag that over and viola! Our pet type survey has now be copied into another campaign.