How to map fields to HubSpot

Mapping ConvertFlow custom fields to HubSpot custom fields

When adding custom fields to ConvertFlow forms, you can choose to select from "HubSpot fields". This allows you to map contact info entered into the ConvertFlow custom field, into the correct contact custom field in HubSpot.

Mapping preset ConvertFlow fields to HubSpot custom fields

On your website's Integrations page, when you have HubSpot connected, you'll see a "Fields" button, that when clicked, allows you to map ConvertFlow's preset contact fields to HubSpot custom fields.
This is useful for mapping contact info added to ConvertFlow's preset fields through ConvertFlow's forms and lead research, that isn't already mapped to fixed fields in HubSpot. For example, "first name" and "email address" are already mapped to HubSpot for you.
Just enter the data name of the HubSpot custom field you would like ConvertFlow's preset fields to be mapped to, and you're set!