Creating a new call-to-action (CTA)

By clicking the "New call-to-action +" button from your website dashboard, you'll be able to name your new call-to-action and select a call-to-action type to create.

Give your call-to-action a name, and choose a call-to-action type.

Call-to-action types

1) Embedded CTAs
These calls-to-action can be placed in your website, and will show native to the rest of your website content.
Embedded CTAs can be as simple as a button on your home page, to as robust as a full page section at the bottom of a blog post with multiple steps and options.

2) Hook CTAs
These calls-to-action appear on top of your website, as a pop up. They're designed to be used alongside your website content, to subtly grab your visitor's attention, without interrupting content consumption, and "hook" them into your marketing sequence.

3) Overlay CTAs
Overlays are calls-to-action that appear on top of your website, to command your visitor's attention. Overlays, when used correctly, can be beneficial to both the marketer and the website visitor, by delivering a message that is valuable to the visitor.
With ConvertFlow you can create "boxed" overlays, which keep some of the website content visible in the background. You can also create "splash" overlays, which take over the full screen.
Once you choose the type of CTA you'd like to create, you'll be presented with a number of templates to choose from. Choose the one you like the most, and click "Create"!

For this introduction, we'll create an overlay that's purpose is to get visitors to subscribe to my non-existent entrepreneurship blog.