How to string together CTAs to create multi-CTA funnels

This feature is a big one. It can fundamentally change how you convert people on your website into leads and customers.

When editing the confirmation settings of any button or form you create in ConvertFlow, you have the option to trigger another CTA when people engage with the first call-to-action they encounter.

For example, this means you can create an embedded button CTA that triggers a splash overlay when clicked…

Or a hook that triggers an overlay...
Or an overlay that triggers a hook...
Or a button that triggers a hook, that triggers an overlay!

You get the point, the possibilities are endless for building a string of CTAs that can take any visitor and guide them through an entire marketing funnel, without ever leaving your website.

Want to use a custom button to trigger an overlay?

Every popup CTA has the trigger option to trigger it with a button click. This will provide you with an HTML snippet that can be used to style your own button.

You can also grab the button's class and add it to any HTML element on your website, and your popup CTA will be triggered when that element is clicked, as long as it is targeted to the page.