Filtering & organizing your CTAs using groups

If you are a ConvertFlow “power user”, chances are, you’ve already created dozens of CTAs. Heck, some of our customers have accounts with 100+ CTAs, so categorizing your CTAs into named groups is key if you want to keep your ConvertFlow setup organized.

By creating “Groups”, you can categorize CTAs by campaigns, lifecycle stage, client, etc.

To create a Group, just click the “All CTAs” dropdown in your CTA dashboard, then click “Manage Groups”. Enter your group name into the form, click the create button, and you have a new group that keeps your CTAs organized.

And when you want to add a CTA to a group, all you have to do is click on the CTA’s name. Click “Groups”, and then select the group you’d like to add it to!

Now, you can also filter the CTAs displayed by selecting a group.

Quickly filter CTAs by name and type

We’ve also made it easy to search for a CTA. Just enter a keyword on the right side of your CTA dashboard, and you can filter by the CTA name. You can also filter by the CTA type.