Testing your CTAs and targeting conditions on your website

ConvertFlow is very strict about how it shows CTAs on your website, giving you the targeting control you need and making sure your CTAs don't show unexpectedly.

Because of this, sometimes your CTA will not show when you expect it to. Here's how to determine why...

Use the ConvertFlow admin widget

When you’re on your website and logged into ConvertFlow, a tiny blue ConvertFlow icon shows on the bottom left corner of your website.
If you click that icon, a panel slides out, showing you insights into what calls-to-action and campaigns are targeting, which conditions were true/false, what flow stage you're in, etc.
You'll also notice a contact profile, showing you who you are currently tracked as and what data is being used for targeting.

There’s also a link with easy access to your ConvertFlow website’s dashboard, and a link to reset your tracking session.

Are your targeting updates not taking effect?

ConvertFlow's tracking script and CTA assets are heavily compressed and served through Amazon's blazingly fast CloudFront CDN (content delivery network). They also are cached until you make a change to your targeting. This means ConvertFlow personalizes your website and loads CTAs in just a few milliseconds, having little to no impact on your website's load times.

Because the script is cached on Amazon's CloudFront CDN, it make take a second or two for your targeting changes to take effect on your website. 

Also, as your ConvertFlow setup becomes larger and more complex, the longer it may take for Amazon to start serving the latest version of your script. 

To give some context, ConvertFlow's ConvertFlow setup has 100+ CTAs, and updates to our targeting take about 10 seconds to take effect on our website.

What to do if your updates aren't taking effect:

1. Try a "hard-refresh". When you do a normal browser refresh (command+R or clicking the refresh icon), your browser doesn't reload assets like scripts and images, which means it may be loading the cached script. If the changes aren't taking effect, you may need to try a hard refresh to force the latest script version to load.

Here's how hard refresh works on Chrome:
Mac/Chrome = Command+Shift+R
Windows/Chrome = Ctrl+F12

Mac/Safari = Command+Option+E

2. Wait a few seconds to ensure ConvertFlow has finished uploading your script to Amazon's CloudFront CDN

3. Check the admin widget on your website to see if your conditions are being met

4. Still not showing? Check your  CTA's A/B split testing variant settings, to make sure the traffic percentage for your only variant wasn't set to 0%.

5. No luck? Chat with us and we'll help you out! 😎