How to join the ConvertFlow referral program

Liking ConvertFlow? If so, hooray!

If you're enjoying your experience with ConvertFlow and would like to spread the word, here's how to do it:

Becoming a ConvertFlow referral partner

As marketers, we all have marketer friends. It's how we become better marketers together. 

These may be friends in message channels, social groups, local events, mastermind group members, online followers, or even your customers / clients.

Sharing ConvertFlow with your network is easy and straight forward. Once you join the referral program, you'll get a special referral link you can easily share with your marketer friends. This link will attribute new sign ups coming through your link, to your ConvertFlow user account.

To get your referral link, while logged into ConvertFlow, hover over your user profile in the navigation and click "Affiliate Program".

Note: An active subscription to the Pro Plan is required to join the affiliate partner program. An active subscription to the Teams plan is required to become an agency partner.

Next, enter your PayPal email address into the form, so we know where to send your commissions when your referrals upgrade to paid plans.

Once you've submitted the form to join, you can now access your referral link by clicking to open this "Affiliate Dashboard" modal at any time while logged in, from the user navigation dropdown shown earlier.

When you send referrals through this link, they'll be sent to the home page and associated with your referral partner account. 

During special promotions, visitors being sent through your referral link may be directed to special offer pages. An example may be our annual Cyber Monday special offer. Otherwise, they'll be sent directly to the home page.

Earning commissions as a referral partner

ConvertFlow is free to begin using, even without a credit card, meaning your friends can use ConvertFlow for free. If they need a higher traffic limit, as well as access to premium features, many will upgrade to ConvertFlow paid plans.

All customers who discovered ConvertFlow through your unique referral partner link will earn you 30% of their subscription in commissions each time they renew. Meaning if they pay monthly, you'll receive commissions each month. Or, if they subscribe annually, you'll receive commissions each year they renew.

Commissions are paid out 30 days after each payment, and are paid through PayPal. When a commission is paid, you will receive the payment automatically to your PayPal account, if you've enabled your PayPal account to automatically accept payments. Otherwise you will need to manually approve each payment for receive each commission.

Using "Powered By" links for sending referrals

One of the most effective ways to share ConvertFlow with your audience is to use ConvertFlow CTAs on your website. As long as you haven't disabled the "Powered By" option in your website's settings, whenever you display a ConvertFlow popup to a visitor, there will be a subtle line of text saying "Crafted in ConvertFlow".

Once you've joined the referral program, from there on these powered by links included with any popup CTAs you launch, will link through your referral link, attributing new customers originating from your website to your referral partner account.

Signing up a client?

If you're a marketing consultant or agency, and you're either referring ConvertFlow to your clients, or setting up ConvertFlow for them on their own billing, you can receive commissions on their subscription by registering their email as a lead in your affiliate dashboard before they sign up.

If they already signed up, send a chat message or email to, stating that you had just referred your client with a certain domain name and email address, within a timeframe.

Our team will check to see if they had signed up in that timeframe to associate them with your referral partner account, as long as they weren't already a user/customer before the stated timeframe.

ConvertFlow's referral program offers a 30% commission for "self-service" subscriptions. If you intend to refer an Enterprise customer, who doesn't fit the plan limits of our self-service subscriptions, please reach out to our team at

Important note: We check each case before approving new sale commissions, referencing the referral partner and the referred customer. This means it's not possible to receive commissions if you had signed up an account for yourself through your own referral link.

Have an audience of marketers?

If you'd like us to help you present ConvertFlow to your audience, let us know and we'll be glad to work with you on coordinating a campaign for your audience.

Just hit the chat bubble to the right. If you have any other questions regarding out affiliate program, chat with us or reach out to and we'll be glad to assist :)