Viewing, filtering and exporting contact profiles

Head to the "Contacts" page and you'll be able to see the people on your website that ConvertFlow has identified as contacts. 

You can quickly filter your contacts based on their contact info, CTA engagement, attribution fields and more.

Click the blue "Export" button to the right to have a CSV of these contacts' profiles emailed to you.

You'll need to have either "owner" or "admin" account user permissions for the export button to be accessible.

IMPORTANT: Contacts are only created when the visitor has identified themselves with an email. To view form responses/submissions, the visitor needs to be an identified contact in ConvertFlow. This means they need to provide an email address for custom fields to be linked to a contact. Please refer to this article on How to identify anonymous website visitors as contacts.

To learn more about contact tracking and analyzing contact activity, head here →