Adding custom domains for your landing page CTAs with HTTPS

When using ConvertFlow for landing page CTAs, you'll have the option to either display your page on your reserved subdomain on ConvertFlow's secured domain or use your own custom domain and we'll automatically secure it for you.

Managing your reserved subdomain

If you're using as your landing page URL, you can manage your website's reserved subdomain by heading to Settings > Website and adjusting the "hosted domain" setting.

Adding secured custom domains with HTTPS

If you want to display your ConvertFlow landing pages on your own secured custom domain name, head to Settings > Domains and you can add custom domains to your website for your landing pages to display on.

Enter a new subdomain of your website that you want to use and the root domain name. We'd recommend using something simple like "go" or "pages" that will be versatile for any campaign's landing page URL.

Setting it up in your DNS manager

Once you've added the custom domain, ConvertFlow will begin generating an SSL certificate for your domain so your pages can be displayed over HTTPS, and you'll be given instructions on what to add to your DNS manager (GoDaddy, Cloudflare, etc). 

Simply add a CNAME record using the subdomain on the left of the blue box, and point it to the secured URL given on the right side of the box.

Adding a CNAME record is easy using a service like Cloudflare, to which you can point your name servers and get DNS management plus additional features for free.

Important Notes: 

  • It can take a few minutes for us to generate an SSL certificate for your custom domain. Also, depending on your DNS provider, it can take many hours for your DNS settings to fully propagate around the world. It's a best practice to wait a few hours before promoting your landing page on a recently added custom domain, even if it displays for you in your region, to ensure DNS fully propagates for visitors around the world.
  • If you're using Cloudflare, having CloudFlare's orange cloud proxy enabled may cause issues with ConvertFlow's SSL certificate generation, depending on your Cloudflare configuration's SSL mode. If you're using "Strict" or "Full", try disabling the orange cloud for the CNAME. If not, you should be able to keep the orange cloud enabled. After your ConvertFlow landing page is showing on your domain with HTTPS, you can enable the orange cloud again for added network protection.

If you use popular domain registrar GoDaddy, head here to see their official tutorial →

Once you've added the CNAME record, in the custom domain setup, add your home page URL as the fallback URL and click "Save". This way if someone removes the URL path of the landing page they're, they'll be redirected to your website.

With a fallback URL set up, head to the Launch page of one of your landing page CTAs. 

You'll now find that you can select from your custom domains when setting up the landing page URL.