Using custom domains for your landing page CTAs

When using ConvertFlow for landing page CTAs, you'll have the option to either display your page on your reserved sub domain on ConvertFlow's domain, or use your own custom domain.

Managing your reserved sub domain

If you're using as your landing page URL, you can manage your website's reserved sub domain by heading to Settings > Website and adjusting the "hosted domain" setting.

Adding custom domains

If you want to display your ConvertFlow landing pages on your own custom domain name, head to Settings > Domains and you can add unlimited custom domains to your website.

Enter a new sub domain of your website that you want to use, and the root domain name. We'd recommend using something simple like "go" or "pages" that will be versatile for any campaign's landing page URL.

Setting it up in your DNS manager

Once you've added the custom domain, you'll be given instructions on what to add to your DNS manager (GoDaddy, CloudFlare, etc).

Simply add a CNAME record using the sub domain, and point it to your reserved sub domain on, which is given within the domain setup instructions.

Adding a CNAME record is easy using a service like CloudFlare, which you can point your nameservers to and get DNS management and SSL/https security for free.

If you use popular domain registrar GoDaddy, head here to see their official tutorial →