How to build your list by creating and sharing templates

If you're a marketing educator or agency, by using ConvertFlow's template creation platform, you can share your CTA templates with other marketers to promote your personal brand, generate leads for your agency and even build your email list.

And by requesting for your CTA template to publicly listed in ConvertFlow's in-app template directory, if your template is approved, we'll promote your template to ConvertFlow's marketing community and recommend it to users as they create new CTA campaigns 🎉.

To learn more about how to create ConvertFlow templates, read the guide here →

Building your email list by creating templates

Whenever a ConvertFlow user chooses your CTA template, they'll confirm that they're subscribing to your marketing communications for ongoing education and follow-up, and we can send their user details to a webhook of your choice so you can subscribe them to your email list and add them to your CRM. 

In this guide, we're going to cover how to integrate an example ConvertFlow CTA template's webhook with a MailChimp account, so all ConvertFlow users who choose the template are added to the MailChimp list. 

Setting up the Zapier connection

When managing a CTA template you've created, you'll see a field for pasting a "Zapier webhook URL".

First, we'll want to head to Zapier and create a webhook Zap.

We'll call the Zap "Template Subscribe – Blogger Landing Page" and then choose the "Webhooks by Zapier" app from the Zapier directory.

Then we'll need to choose a "trigger" for the Zap, which will be the "Catch Hook" trigger.

Click "Save and Continue" and then Zapier will provide us with a webhook URL to copy.

Heading back to ConvertFlow, we'll now paste that webhook URL Zapier so quickly generated for us. And then click "Save Template".

Then click "Ok, I did this" in Zapier.

Adding an action to Zapier

Zapier should now be waiting for some sample user details to be sent through. To continue, create a test CTA using this template and your ConvertFlow user details should be sent through to Zapier to be used as the sample.

A sample will then show in Zapier, which we can click into to preview your user details that were sent by ConvertFlow.

Let's click "Continue" and now Zapier should prompt us to create an "action" step. Now we'll need to choose which app we want to map these ConvertFlow user fields to. 

In this case I'll be using MailChimp, so I'll search for and select the MailChimp Zapier app.

Zapier will then ask which MailChimp action we want to take, so we'll select "Add/Update Subscriber".

Then we select which MailChimp account we want to connect to, and click "Save + Continue".

Zapier will then ask which MailChimp audience/list we want to add the subscriber's to. In this case, we want to add these ConvertFlow users to the "Subscribers" audience so we'll select that.

Next, Zapier will need us to tell it which field to map into the MailChimp email field, so let's select the "email" field from their dropdown.

That's ready to go, so let's click "Continue". We'll now be asked to send this test opt-in into MailChimp so let's do that by clicking the blue "Send Test To MailChimp" button.

A green message appears indicating that the test succeeded! We're all done setting up the MailChimp action, so let's click "Finish".

Now our last step is either to activate this Zap and finish our work here, or click the "+ Add a Step" button to the left to add another app we want to send ConvertFlow user details to. Additional Zapier step ideas include sending these user ConvertFlow details into a Google Sheet row, into a sales CRM or project management task. With Zapier the possibilities are truly endless.

To recap, in this guide we've integrated a ConvertFlow CTA template with Zapier so that all new ConvertFlow users who use the template get sent into a MailChimp list. 

By setting up webhooks for each ConvertFlow CTA template you create, and by promoting the templates to your audience using the template sharing tools, you can build your list by offering CTA templates as opt-in offers in your marketing campaigns.