How can I track an image click?

To track an image click you won’t be able to use an image element, you’ll need to add the image to a button element. Follow these steps to create a trackable image:

1. Create a standalone button element:

2. Double click on the button text, a small editing menu appears at the bottom. Select the image icon and our image uploader window will pop up:

3. Add your image and it will be optimized for the button area. Keep in mind that images can be cropped if their proportions are very different to the button’s proportions (100px tall x 100px wide / size: 5mb max):

4. Use the button’s “Confirmation Actions” and choose the action you’d like to be triggered when the image is clicked. 

You'll be able to track the clicks in the CTA's stats. To learn how to access you CTA's stats, please refer to the "Reporting on how your CTA is converting" article.

NOTE: Keep in mind that if the button doesn’t have a text the reports will only show as “Button”, but buttons show up in the order they are displayed on the CTA. We suggest adding a text identifier to the button with a 0% opacity just as a label for the image.