Using conditional actions to display multiple outcomes

Conditional actions are used to display different outcomes and apply individual automations based on survey/form responses. This means you’ll be able to show your visitors a personalized result to their survey based on their answers. Here you’ll find step by step instructions on how to use conditional actions to achieve this, keeping in mind this feature is only available on ConvertFlow paid plans.

In this case, we’ll be using the Travel Quiz Template that’s available in our template gallery. This quiz template has three questions about your visitors personal preferences on scenery, food, and activity preference and provides three possible answers based on their responses.

Question one will collect data on the visitor’s scenery preferences:

Question two will ask about food:

And the third question is about activities:

You can gate the results of the quiz in order to collect new visitor’s data, this quiz template comes with a data collection step:

You’ll be creating the conditional actions on the “See Your Results” button. Once you click on it you’ll see the blue “Confirmation Actions” button on the right hand side menu. When you click confirmation actions you’ll see the green “Add Conditional Action”, click there and create your first conditional action:

If the person chose “The Beach” in question A, the logical result from the three options (New York, Colorado, Miami) would be Outcome C (Miami):

You’ll be able to use dynamic text replacement to show a personalized result based on the person’s quiz selections, without having to create a conditional action for each possible outcome.

The first question of the quiz is the only one we’re using to create the conditional action because they match the outcomes almost unequivocally (i.e: the beach = Miami, the mountains = Colorado, the city = New York), while the other two questions are more ambiguous (i.e: you can have pasta or go out for drinks in any city).