How to disable IP address geolocation

By default, ConvertFlow will automatically use the IP address of anonymous visitors to determine their geolocation, without storing the IP address.

How IP address geolocation data is used

- This geolocation data will automatically populate ConvertFlow form's address fields and address merge tags.

- It's used for geolocation targeting conditions, if you add them to your campaigns.

- It will also automatically populate ConvertFlow's preset contact fields when a contact is created. These address fields may get synced to your connected email service providers' fields, depending on the integration and on your integration field mapping settings.

Disabling IP address geolocation

Head to Settings > Website, and you'll see a checkbox for IP geolocation. Toggle it off and click "Save" to disable IP geolocation data.

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance means not storing personally identifiable data without user content. 

ConvertFlow's visitor tracking doesn't store personally identifiable data like IP addresses, until a contact submits a form when they can agree to your privacy policy using GDPR consent fields.

However, there are some zip codes in the world that so few people live in, storage of zip code can be considered "personally identifiable data".

If you're striving for the maximum GDPR compliance ConvertFlow can offer, you would want to disable IP geolocation.