Sync contact fields to Shopify customers

ConvertFlow can sync contact field data to Shopify by adding a "Shopify - Create or update customer" automation to your conversion elements. 

The official Shopify fields ConvertFlow currently syncs with automatically are:

  • email
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • phone
  • accepts_marketing

The rest of the contact fields are pushed to Shopify metafields under the convertflow namespace.

Mapping ConvertFlow field to Shopify metafields

In your Shopify integration's settings, you'll find that you can enter field data names for ConvertFlow's preset field fields that are not automatically synced to Shopify.

Here you can enter the Shopify metadata field names you'd like to use for each preset field.

Mapping custom fields to Shopify metafields

When you create custom fields in ConvertFlow, the Shopify integration will use the custom field data name as the Shopify metafield name automatically.

Enabling ConvertFlow metafields for use in Shopify

Once ConvertFlow has synced through a contact to Shopify, metafields will begin appearing within Shopify's "metafields without a definition" section.

To access this, in Shopify go to Settings > Custom Data > Metafields without a definition .

For each of the ConvertFlow metafields that you want to show in customer profiles, click the "add definition" button, enter description details for the metafield and then click "Save".

Then, head to a customer profile, and you'll find the ConvertFlow metafield's you've enabled displayed in the customer profile!