Shopify – How to install ConvertFlow

From your ConvertFlow website, go to Settings > Integrations, and click to connect with Shopify.

Then, click to connect the ConvertFlow Shopify app from the app store.

After that, you'll be asked to confirm which ConvertFlow website sub-account you want to connect to.

Confirm, then you’ll be taken back to ConvertFlow’s integrations manager and the progress of the integration sync will be displayed.

Using the Shopify integration in ConvertFlow

Now that Shopify is connected to ConvertFlow, here’s what happens:

Important: If you already installed ConvertFlow through other methods such as custom code, Google Tag Manager or Segment, ConvertFlow will recognize the existing script and the first to load will take priority. This isn’t an issue if it’s the same website’s script, but could cause unpredictable results if the scripts are for different ConvertFlow websites.