How to integrate Klaviyo with ConvertFlow

First, head to your ConvertFlow website's integrations area..

Click to connect with Klaviyo... 

In Klaviyo, go to Account > Settings > API Keys to find your Klaviyo private API key and Site ID...

Then, copy and paste these into the ConvertFlow integration fields.

And now Klaviyo and ConvertFlow are connected! 
ConvertFlow will now start pulling in your lists, fields, etc. so you can trigger automations and segment subscribers in Klaviyo as your visitors submit your ConvertFlow forms, landing pages, surveys and more.  
Identifying ConvertFlow contacts with Klaviyo's site tracking
For Klaviyo's site tracking and javascript events to work with ConvertFlow's forms, you'll need to make sure Klaviyo's tracking script is installed on the same page as ConvertFlow. 
Having Klaviyo installed alongside ConvertFlow enables Klaviyo's tracking API, which ConvertFlow uses automatically to identify contacts who submit their email to ConvertFlow in Klaviyo's site tracking, retaining the site tracking functionality of Klaviyo's forms.