Troubleshooting live campaigns using the admin widget

Need help troubleshooting your campaigns and funnels? We're more than glad to help you out! 😎 
Feel free to send us a chat message including:
1. A link to the campaign in ConvertFlow
2. And a link to the live page on your website 
However, troubleshooting your live campaigns is a breeze using ConvertFlow's admin widget.
How to use the admin widget to troubleshoot quickly
When you’re on your website and logged into ConvertFlow, a tiny blue ConvertFlow icon shows on the bottom left corner of your website if a ConvertFlow script is successfully installed.
If you click that icon, a panel slides out, showing you insights into what campaigns have loaded, which conditions were true/false, which split-test won, etc.
You'll also notice a contact profile, showing you who you are currently tracked as and what data is being used for targeting.

There’s also a link with easy access to your ConvertFlow website’s dashboard, and a link to reset your tracking session.

Click to toggle and see which campaigns are successfully targeting the page and which ones are not.

This is indicated by the green checkmark, meaning the targeting conditions were successfully met. Or, by a red X, meaning that the targeting conditions were not met.

Click the campaign to see which targeting conditions were successfully met, and which ones weren't.

Are your changes not taking effect?

What to do if your updates aren't taking effect:
1. If you're looking for edits to a campaign, check to make sure you've published your variant's saved changes.
2. Check the admin widget on your website to see if your campaign's targeting conditions are being met. If your campaign targeting conditions aren't showing at all, make sure there are no site-wide conditions excluding the current page for ConvertFlow targeting. This would be indicated by there being a dropdown labelled "site-wide" at the top, with a red x. If there are no site-wide conditions, it will not display. If there are site-wide conditions and they are met, it will display a green checkmark.
3. Still not showing? Check your campaign's A/B split testing variant settings, to make sure the traffic percentage for your only variant wasn't set to 0%.
4. No luck? Read below and see if you're seeing a cached version of ConvertFlow. If that doesn't help, chat with us and we'll help you out! 😎

How ConvertFlow's caching works

ConvertFlow's tracking script, campaigns and pages are heavily compressed and served through CloudFlare's CDN. They also are locally cached until you make a change to your targeting. This means ConvertFlow personalizes your website and loads campaigns in just a few milliseconds, having little to no impact on your website's load time.

Because ConvertFlow is cached on CDN, it make take up to a minute for your campaign targeting and campaign updates to take effect on your website. ConvertFlow will serve a cached version of your script for 30 seconds before getting the latest version with your most recent changes.  

To help speed up testing live changes when implementing new campaigns, once you've made a change to your ConvertFlow setup, we will not cache your script for visitors until 10 minutes after your last change was made.

Once you're done, it will begin to be cached in our CDN to increase performance for visitors across the globe. 

ConvertFlow users tend to value their website's performance. If you're running a performance profile, make sure to wait 10 or so minutes after making updates to your implementation for our CDN to begin serving the cached version of your script that the vast majority of your visitors will be loading. This is indicated by the header showing "cf-cache-status: HIT".