Why is my integration's targeting data not updating?

ConvertFlow 1st-party profile data, such as custom fields, tags, etc. are updated in real-time in local storage for targeting and conditional logic.

ConvertFlow's site personalization integrations with 3rd parties, such as for Klaviyo, are for targeting subscribers returning for another session.
When contacts are identified on your site from form submissions, the 3rd party integration data will not be available during their current session. It's meant to be available for their next session.
Real-time fetching of tracking data from our servers and third-party APIs would have a major performance hit for the site because APIs take seconds to respond. APIs also have rate limits we have to remain within.
Because of this, ConvertFlow uses data in the local storage cache in the middle of a session. This keeps content loading fast.
We only allow for content loading to wait for profile fetching whenever a new 30-minute session for a known profile occurs. Then we use only local storage again for the remainder of that session.
For returning visitors, before showing ConvertFlow content, we get their profile from our tracking server and may perform the 2-way sync with 3rd-party integrations if that data hasn't been updated recently (more than 30 minutes old).
This profile fetching causes a slightly slower content load / content flicker, which is generally acceptable for returning visitors (such as logged-in users), where being shown CRM-aware content is often more important than an instant content load (critical for new visitors and site performance).
ConvertFlow's site personalization integration's data sync timeframes definitely present a limitation for that first session where those 3rd party data syncs haven't happened yet.
Having that 3rd party data for the 2nd session onward is immensely helpful for creating a personalized experience for returning subscribers and customers, who can be shown upsells and cross-sells based on their CRM segmentation.
Troubleshooting these 3rd party data sync timeframes can present challenges.
Here are some tips:
  • Use the admin widget to see your current status and data
  • You can also reset your tracking from the admin widget, which is helpful because you can see how things work for new profiles without having to open a private tab, where you may not see the admin widget because you're not logged into CF in that new private tab
  • You can trigger a 3rd party data sync using the targeting sync functionality for your integration [Klaviyo example]