Installing area snippets on your website

ConvertFlow offers 2 ways to display an embedded CTA on your website.

  1. Using a direct embed code
  2. Adding it to website "areas"

While using the direct embed code works fine when you're adding a CTA that you want to display for every visitor visiting a specific page, it isn't the ideal workflow for displaying CTAs on a website across many pages.

Area snippets make it a breeze to display embedded CTAs at the right place and time, without having to revisit your website code, just like how you can with popups.

To find and manage your website's areas, head to Settings > Install Code and scroll down.

Area snippets can be installed in predefined parts of your website, such as your sidebar, your home page's footer, at the bottom of your blog posts, etc.

Once you've got them installed, displaying a CTA in that area is as simple as toggling it from the launch page of that CTA.

Also, by using areas, you gain the same level of targeting control that you do with popup CTAs. 

You can conditionally show embedded CTAs and content to visitors based on the pages they're visiting, what contact segments they're in and more, helping you personalize your website for every visitor.

Note: If you're an agency or a team member who doesn't have access to your website's code, and you're sending instructions to a developer, it may help speed up implementing ConvertFlow if you include your area snippets alongside the tracking script with instructions on where to place each area snippet.