Survey elements – How to build surveys, polls and quizzes

In ConvertFlow, you can add "survey" elements to your CTAs to ask your visitors a question and present them with fixed answers for them to select.

To add a survey to your CTA, click to add an element and choose the "survey" element type.

Adding survey options

Once you've selected a survey element, you'll be able to manage its survey options in the builder panel.

Here you can add survey options, arrange their position, edit their text and you can also map your survey to a custom field in your ESP/CRM.

Each survey option can also have images if you want your survey to have clickable images for your visitors to select from.

To control additional settings for your survey options, such as:

  • Separating the data value from the displayed label
  • The image used in the survey option
  • The score increase/decrease applied by the survey option

Then, click on the survey option to open up a settings modal where you can control each of these options.

Enabling multi-select for surveys

If you want your visitors to be able to select multiple options, toggle the "multi-select" option. Multiple selected survey option values will be mapped to your custom field separated by commas.

Styling your survey

Below the survey option settings, you'll find the style controls for your survey.

You can adjust the width of your survey, the alignment of the text, fonts, colors, sizing, whether options are stacked or responsive, and more.

Survey confirmation actions

While a survey element is selected, in the builder panel you'll be able to click to edit the confirmation actions of that survey.

When editing the confirmation actions, you can choose what you want to happen when someone selects a survey option. 

Here are some of the actions you can perform upon survey selection:

  • You can choose to redirect your visitors to a URL
  • Show another step in the CTA (or specific steps based on survey selection)
  • Display a thank you message
  • Display another CTA you've created in ConvertFlow
  • Open an SMS message to a phone number

Select the survey confirmation action you want, and you'll be able to configure the details.

Here you can also add "Automations". These can be automations in ConvertFlow such as sending a lead alert to a team member, adding a ConvertFlow tag to segment the contact for future targeting, etc.
You can also add automations in your integrated email service provider. For example, for MailChimp you can choose which list you want to add the contact to. 
Add as many automations as you need to properly segment your contacts into the right audiences in your connected tools.

Running scripts and conversion pixels
By adding scripts to your survey's confirmation actions, you can fire conversion pixels in your advertising platforms and perform other custom javascript. ConvertFlow will run scripts added here only after a survey option has been selected.
Conditional actions
By default, ConvertFlow will perform the confirmation actions you've set. However, there may be scenarios where you want to perform actions only for certain people, such as directing quiz takers to a certain outcome based on the sum of their survey option selections.
By clicking "+ Add Conditional Action", you can perform confirmation actions only for the visitors that meet the conditions you've defined.