How to prevent email addresses from showing in Google Analytics

To identify existing subscribers visiting your website from your email campaigns, ConvertFlow uses email address URL parameters from the various ESPs & CRMs it integrates with to determine who the visitor is.

However, it's against Google Analytics' terms of service to put personally identifiable info into their system, such as through URLs.

To avoid this happening, while retaining the ability to identify subscribers from your email list, you can optionally prevent certain URL parameters from showing in Google Analytics.

To do this, head to your Google Analytics property's settings and proceed to View Settings. Here, you can add a comma separate list of URL parameters to exclude.

You'll want to add the URL parameter "email" to this option.

Also, if you're using a ConvertFlow integration's targeting sync feature to identify subscribers on your website, you'll want to exclude the integration's targeting sync URL parameter too.

This is formatted like so:


For example, if you use MailChimp, you'll want to add mailchimp_id to the comma separate list in the Google Analytics option.

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