Is it possible to use ConvertFlow as a live chat?

No. ConvertFlow doesn’t have a live chat feature. However, you can create a pop up that will collect messages from your visitors which you can then reply to via your email service provider. Follow these steps to create your on site messaging pop-up:

  1. Create a hook CTA, you can use the “Follow-Up Message Template”.
  2. Make sure you collect the visitor’s email address in the form.
  3. Add a “Send Lead Alert” automation to the form’s submit button, this way you know when someone has completed the form:

4. To respond to the messages you can connect your ESP or CRM so these leads are sent to a specific list. If you don't have an ESP/CRM, you can bulk download the contacts that come from the CTA and contact them via your personal email. For details on how to export your ConvertFlow contacts into a CSV file please consult the "Viewing, filtering, and exporting contact profiles" article.