Why doesn't ConvertFlow's integration data match the third-party source?

ConvertFlow syncs third-party data from your integrations to be used for interface drop down elements, targeting campaigns and for personalizing CTAs for contacts.

Sometimes this data doesn't match up. Because of factors we can't control with third-party data sources, we can't guarantee technical support with troubleshooting third-party data integrity, and recommend leaning on their customer support for help.

Nevertheless, here's helpful information regarding troubleshooting third-party data with ConvertFlow's integrations:

Integration contact data for ConvertFlow's CTA campaigns

When a ConvertFlow contact's integration data (visible in the admin widget) doesn't match the third-party data displayed in that system's dashboard, this can be due to various reasons:

Contact targeting data sync timeframes

ConvertFlow fetches the contact's latest data from third-party sources:

1. Immediately after syncing form submission contact data with the integration.

2. At the beginning of a new 30 minute website session for a returning identified contact.

3. Upon clicking a targeting sync link from that integration's email campaigns. [Example]

This means if third-party integration data updates during an existing visitor session outside of ConvertFlow's automation system, ConvertFlow won't have that updated data until a new 30 minute session is started and the contact's integration contact data is fetched from the integration's API.

Issues with the third-party integration's API

ConvertFlow attempts to fetch the latest third-party data from your integration and maintain an up-to-date sync. However, syncing data from third-party API's is not without challenges. Sometimes these third-party APIs experience performance issues and timeouts, or return stale data. 

This can cause the data used in ConvertFlow's targeting to not always be perfectly matched up. 

Nevertheless, you can get insights into ConvertFlow's current third-party integration data for a contact by looking at ConvertFlow's admin widget to see your current session's targeting data. If the data doesn't match up, you could try resetting your tracking and identifying yourself as that contact, so a new session is started and the latest data is fetched.

Important: To see this data, you'll need to have access to the website's ConvertFlow account.

Integration account data in ConvertFlow's interface

If your integration's data displayed in ConvertFlow's interface doesn't match up with the third-party source (tags for your email provider, for example), this means ConvertFlow's latest synced account data is not up-to-date. 

To fetch the latest account data for your integration, go to Settings > Integrations, find your integration and click Manage.

Then, in the integration's settings modal, you'll see a button labeled "resync". Click that and ConvertFlow will fetch the latest account data immediately.