How to track ConvertFlow events in Google Analytics 4

Assuming you have Google Analytics 4 installed via the default and recommended gtag installation, ConvertFlow can send custom events through your gtag installation for campaign and funnel engagements.

Important: For GA4, these events will not be visible for reporting automatically, until you've enabled them from the integrations page and registered them as custom events in GA4 →

In this guide, you'll learn:

How to configure Google Analytics in ConvertFlow

ConvertFlow events can be enabled for any Google Analytics installations configured with the associated gtag installation.

This can be toggled on from Settings > Integrations > Google Analytics and toggling "Send Events To Google Analytics".

You can also specify a GA tracking/measurements ID to configure ConvertFlow to only send events to that ID, and to automatically install that GA tracker on ConvertFlow's hosted landing page campaigns.

In Google Analytics 4, the ConvertFlow events will not automatically display until you've registered them as "Custom Events" for the web data stream being used.

ConvertFlow custom event names and definitions

Refer to the event name list below to know what events ConvertFlow automatically tracks in your GA:

View - Tracked when a ConvertFlow campaign has been viewed, and each time a funnel step is viewed.

Conversion - Tracked whenever a ConvertFlow campaign's conversion element has been clicked (example: buttons, forms, surveys, product).

Completion - Tracked when a conversion element has an automation configured to track the completion of the funnel. [Configuring completion tracking →]

Add To Cart - Tracked when a product is added to cart by ConvertFlow's products elements.

Close - Tracked whenever a ConvertFlow popup campaign is closed out.

ConvertFlow custom event parameters

Each ConvertFlow custom event will come populated with the parameters event_category and event_label

event_category will default to the value ConvertFlow. This can be configured in ConvertFlow's Google Analytics settings shown above.

event_label will be populated with the ConvertFlow campaign's format, the campaign ID, the campaign's name, the campaign's variant, and the funnel step viewed. For example, Overlay (123) - Welcome Offer (Variant A) - Step 2.

For Add To Cart events, event_value will be populated with the price of the product added to cart and event_label will contain the selected product's name.

How to display ConvertFlow events in GA4's dashboard

Here's how to register ConvertFlow events as custom events in GA4.

First, select a web data stream in the "Data Streams" admin settings in GA4.

Once you've selected a data stream, click "Create custom events".

You should see any custom events already registered to your data stream. 

Your goal now is to register a custom event in GA4 for each of ConvertFlow's automatically tracked events listed above.

For each ConvertFlow you'll be registering, click "Create" to begin registering a ConvertFlow event. 

You'll first need to name the custom event shown in GA's reports. We suggested you name it something that indicates it relates to ConvertFlow, such as  cf_view etc, in case there are other similarly named events in your GA dashboard.

Next, you'll need to add an "event_name" condition for the ConvertFlow event name that this custom event is being registered for. [See events name list →]

Then, click "Create".

Once you've created the event, repeat this for each of the remaining ConvertFlow events.

Finding ConvertFlow events in GA4

Once you've registered ConvertFlow's events as custom events in GA, try testing out some ConvertFlow campaigns on your website, where the respective GA4 tracker is installed.

For Google Analytics' events reports, these custom events may not show for up to 1-2 days.

However, you can immediately confirm ConvertFlow events are coming through by clicking through Reports > Realtime in GA.

In the "Event count" overview report, you should start seeing your ConvertFlow custom events coming through, as you test out campaigns on your site.

You can then begin clicking into these custom events to see their event labels, indicating which ConvertFlow campaign the event was tracked from.

After some time, these custom events should show in your GA engagement reports, and you can begin building custom reports in GA including your ConvertFlow events.

Events not displaying?

If you've followed the guide above and events are still not displaying in both your GA's real-time and engagement reports, head over to our troubleshooting guide →