Product recommendation quizzes when not using Shopify

Here are some effective workarounds that could help a ton when creating product recommendation quizzes with ConvertFlow while using another ecommerce platform than:

Low SKU workaround: Using ConvertFlow's custom products

You could register the products you want to recommend as custom products in ConvertFlow's products element.

This is fine for low SKU scenarios, but not efficient for high SKU stores.

High SKU workaround: Conditionally redirecting to your collection pages

Using ConvertFlow's conditional actions, you could forgo displaying products in ConvertFlow entirely and just conditionally redirect to your store's collection pages based on their quiz answers.

And perhaps, to have a better user flow from the quiz when redirecting, show a ConvertFlow campaign (popup or embed) to quiz takers landing on your collection pages, that says something along the lines of "Here's the products we recommend".

This way you can get the full benefit of ConvertFlow's quiz answer collection features, and the full power of your existing ecommerce platform's product catalogues and real-time updates.