Carousel Elements - How to create carousels and sliders

With carousel elements, you can create multiple content boxes that rotate in and out of view when clicking arrows and toggles.

You'll find the "Carousel" element available when creating a new element, and by clicking the carousel element type, you'll find templates to choose from as a starting point.

Once you've created the carousel element, select the carousel element and in the builder panel to the right, you'll be able to manage the carousel slides.

To add content with a carousel slide, use the arrows and carousel toggles in the builder to navigate to the slide you want to edit. You can then drag new elements and format the carousel slide's layout and style.

Creating an image carousel

You'll find for each carousel slide, you can optionally upload an image for the slide's toggle. 

This will replace the default toggle with an image-based toggle that you can style. Or just use the image carousel template for a universal image carousel style.