Targeting website visitors by Campaign Monitor lists

CTA targeting and dynamic website personalization with Campaign Monitor lists & contact data

ConvertFlow makes it easy to display targeted CTAs to your website visitors and Campaign Monitor contacts by their tags. 
This means you can personalize your website for each of your Campaign Monitor contacts.
How to dynamically display CTAs to your website visitors by their Campaign Monitor  lists
Once you've connected your Campaign Monitor account,   ConvertFlow's  campaign targeting conditions now include Campaign Monitor targeting options, such as...
  • If person is subscribed to list in Campaign Monitor
  • If person is NOT subscribed to list in Campaign Monitor
  • If contact property value contains Campaign Monitor
  • If contact property value does NOT contain Campaign Monitor

How to personalize your website content with Campaign Monitor  subscriber data
When ConvertFlow syncs a person's tracking with their Campaign Monitor contact record, it pulls in their Campaign Monitor subscriber fields if the field isn't already present on the contact record in ConvertFlow.
Then, using   ConvertFlow's  CTA builder, you can add merge tags to your content for website personalization, using Campaign Monitor data.
Targeting Sync – How to target your existing Campaign Monitor  contacts
ConvertFlow syncs a visitor's tracking with their Campaign Monitor contact record when either... 
  1. The visitor submits a form
  2. The visitor visits your website with their Campaign Monitor ID in the URL
So, this means once ConvertFlow is installed on your website, you will be able to target all of your new form submissions by their Campaign Monitor data.
However, if you want to sync the tracking with your existing Campaign Monitor contact database, all you have to do is append their contact details to your email hyper links in Campaign Monitor, and ConvertFlow will sync their visitor session with their Campaign Monitor data.
You would do this by adding...
?campaignmonitor_id=[email] the end of all of your Campaign Monitor email’s links, like how you would add any other URL parameter.

Social data research on your Campaign Monitor  contacts
Any Campaign Monitor contacts synced with ConvertFlow will have their profiles (with social data research) appear in your ConvertFlow contacts area.
Their ConvertFlow contact record will appear upon form submission, or upon clicking a "Targeting Sync" link from your Campaign Monitor emails.

Any social data ConvertFlow  finds,  that is not present in the contact's Campaign Monitor fields will be passed to Campaign Monitor, to help you personalize your email marketing campaigns.